My Zucchini Plants Are Dead & Everything I’ve Ever Been Taught Is A Lie.

They’re just gone. They never gave us a single zucchini, and then they turned yellow and shriveled up. I am at a loss. Year 3, no zucchini. Hopes dashed. Also my beans and cucumbers are full of grasshoppers and these awful grey beetle things. I got some organic soap spray, I’m hoping that helps with the beetles.

I’m pretty sure a flamethrower is the only way to kill grasshoppers. Oiy.

But! The tomatoes are starting to come in. They’re like 7 feet tall and just starting to fruit? Am I doing this wrong? Should I have not let them get so tall? Do they have too many leaves? Don’t they need leaves to make fruit? I have no idea what I’m doing. My green  bean plans are also huge, but making far less beans. Gardening: way more complicated than putting seeds in the ground.

These guys are assholes:

These guys are jerks

And what the HECK is this? yeesh:


Eww what is it? It’s not a bug!

Also it’s almost July. Which means we’re going to plan the Autumn garden soon. I can’t tell if we’re making valuable progress, or just wasting money at this point. Oiy.

As soon as I think I’m good with something, I’ve got it down, something new comes up and I feel like I’m just not seeing all the ways I’m failing yet.


I was raised, as I have possibly mentioned before, Independent Fundamental Baptist or IFB. As some within the denomination like to call it, the “Old Paths” (they aren’t the old paths, the name is a lie. Shocking).

Just so we’re all very, very clear, Independent Fundamental Baptist theology is a cult. One day I’ll go into a post about that, but if you’re were raised that way, and you look into the red flags of a cult, it’s pretty obvious. At best, if you balk at the “C word”, they are a line by line example of pharisees. An accurate description of any IFB pastor, complete with the fake/”honorary” doctorates from unaccredited schools their friends founded:

Matthew 23 1-3 Now Jesus turned to address his disciples, along with the crowd that had gathered with them. “The religion scholars and Pharisees are competent teachers in God’s Law. You won’t go wrong in following their teachings on Moses. But be careful about following them. They talk a good line, but they don’t live it. They don’t take it into their hearts and live it out in their behavior. It’s all spit-and-polish veneer.

4-7 “Instead of giving you God’s Law as food and drink by which you can banquet on God, they package it in bundles of rules, loading you down like pack animals. They seem to take pleasure in watching you stagger under these loads, and wouldn’t think of lifting a finger to help. Their lives are perpetual fashion shows, embroidered prayer shawls one day and flowery prayers the next. They love to sit at the head table at church dinners, basking in the most prominent positions, preening in the radiance of public flattery, receiving honorary degrees, and getting called ‘Doctor’ and ‘Reverend.’

I’ve forgiven my parents, years ago, for raising me in this cult. I love them, I want them in my life and my daughter’s life, so I forgive them. I see them as victims stuck in a spider’s web as much as perpetrators of this awful “theology” that causes so much heartache and is not from God, but rather from man. From old crusty prudish men who wanted order and obedience and to feel important more than they wanted God.

Why do I go on this random and jarring tangent? Because I am tired. Because years after leaving I am broken in new ways over how I was treated and taught as a small innocent child. Because I have tried for years to reconcile that SOMETHING I was raised with in an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church was beneficial.

I have held on for so long, justified the manipulation, and emotional abuse, and actual abuse because I thought there was something good. WELL AT LEAST I KNOW SCRIPTURE, I told myself. AT LEAST I KNOW DOCTRINE. At least I know the Gospel

I can’t pretend anymore. God would have found me and loved me and longed for a relationship with me if my innocent self had never darkened the door of such a horrid place. If I had never been held down and beaten until my “Will was broken”. My heart would yearn for my creator like it did for years while I was there, so confused, so thirsty, so alone. When I was so desperate to be seen and accepted and loved as the mess I was (am), and be allowed to rest – God saw me, and loved me, and wanted me to just rest in that. And no one told me.




In my head, I do know the gospel. I know the gospel backwards and forwards. I can quote the verses, I can state firmly that I choose to believe in Christ as savoir. But my heart? It’s been quoting poetry without appreciating it my whole life.

See, what I was taught was not that the gospel was proof of how much we are – I was – loved, but rather, proof of how awful I am. I learned, growing up Independent Fundamental Baptist, that I am trash. I also learned a lot of stuff that I am just now realizing, is crap. Such as….

Dispensationalism Isn’t supported by the scripture. It just isn’t. It’s a cultish theology that John Darby came up with and Schofield treated as it’s is part of gospel. I don’t know if it’s replacement theology that’s correct, or something in the middle, but…wow. Looking at it with fresh eyes, it’s a fresh crock of bullshit. And if you trace it historically, it’s just a man made thing. More on what this is and why it’s wrong here. Also here.
1611 KJV only-ism.  If you know even the basics of translation, this is a bad translation. It also begs the question – You believe that God can preserve his word through thousands of years on pieces of parchment, but you don’t believe that the integrity of his word is preserved through updating? You worship this translation of this book as much or more than you worship the Father? Furthermore they claim superiority of a supposed Byzantine text over texts supposedly from the Library of Alexandria because the people of Alexandria were all heretics and hedonists. This shows a gross ignorance of church history and…basic world history.  This is a great debate which not only teaches the basic of translation, but also shows the KJV only arguments so that you can easily see the holes for yourself in this vile doctrine. 

Purity Culture teaches women, just like “the world” that our value is in our sexuality. It teaches young men that women are enemies and vile temptations, and it teaches women that our sexuality and sexual desires (and our bodies) are dirty and wrong. I can think of fewer things that have damaged my generation more than this insane, controlling, man made, insane version of what Christ has called us to. If you’re someone who was raised in Purity Culture, I strongly urge you to listen to Rebecca Lemke, who’s done some amazing work unpacking all the baggage that comes with Purity Culture, and has written a book called The Scarlet Virgins: When Sex Replaces Salvation. Very much worth reading is this blog post on 3 Big Lies Modesty Culture Is Teaching Your Sons.

Legalism claimed to be “standards”. Now “Old Paths” and IFB give lip service to them not being legalistic, because they claim that salvation doesn’t come from following rules, but what they DO say, and quite frequently, is “If you don’t have standards I have to wonder if you’re really saved”. Bitch that’s legalism. I understand what you’re trying to say, but what you’re saying is stupid and illogical and you shouldn’t say it. Here’s an example of the modest standards women are told to hold to and are taught. It’s amazingly convoluted bullshit. However it’s absolutely how people in Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches decide your value as a woman, a person, and decide if you truly have a relationship with God.

It should be noted that men don’t hold to standards. They hold women to Mosaic law, but themselves are allowed to be gluttons and eat shrimp/bacon, and sit there, staring at a woman’s ass, declaring she’s shaming God in her jeans while they can barely button their ever present suits over their guts. Lovely. Jesus is super duper proud, guys, I just know it.

There’s more I could go on and on about – that Jesus never drank wine, it was grape juice! (a google search of greek words proves this is bullshit), the screaming from the pulpit. The fake degrees from friends. The advice to beat your children until they submit, when the “rod” the old testament speaks of was a shepherd’s rod, which they use to guide their sheep, not beat them into submission. The flat out hatred of gays, and jokes about killing them. The terrible, awful, no good, very bad music. The “altar calls/invitations” that go on and on and on until the pastor feels he’s seen good enough numbers to brag about how many were “saved”. How my family and my relationship with my parents suffered through the busy work they did and still do for the “church”. How my mom is constantly taken advantage of and never appreciated, even though she literally did more physical work for the church than the pastor’s wife did, for decades. It’s all shit, it’s all bread and circuses. I’m sure I’ll ramble on about it here at some point.

Now the last of it that I had clung to  is falling away, and I feel like most of my youth was wasted in a cult, being afraid, and hating myself. My years for a basic education was wasted by homeschoolers who taught very poor christian curriculum and no fine arts, actual history or literature classes, and everything I learned at church was just…ashes. Pointless nothing. Things I have to do work to unlearn. Destructive and evil habits I have to week out of my heart. And while absolutely my childhood was not as bad as many had it, and my parents tried their best while being controlled and lied to by an evil man who said he was a man of God, it’s really hard to get to 31 years old, and have to say “Yeah, I was physically, mentally and emotionally abused as a child. Gaslighting was a normal thing. And there’s nothing spiritually to show for it. My parents are still there, my dad still yells at me about the KJV.”

The few things that I was clinging to in order to justify my upbringing are crumbling under my feet, and I’m just here. Tired, empty,  and very very sad.







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8 thoughts on “My Zucchini Plants Are Dead & Everything I’ve Ever Been Taught Is A Lie.

  1. I’m very sorry about your loss. And it is a loss to loose so many years of your life, whenever something that required so much effort and time and stress amounts to nothing. I wish I could offer more help… By the time I was born my mother was already what is known in my circles as a “recovering Catholic”, as they tend toward extreme modesty policing for women, rampant sexism, sexuality and sex policing even between married couples, and judging whether or not you “love god enough” by if you choose Catholic names for your children or not. I was lucky enough to be raised free enough to stumble through several religions before settling down with some obscure aspects of Paganism and Buddhism. I find it very freeing, and it sits more comfortably with my little feminist/bi/poly heart. I find that my lack of tolerance for severe hypocrisy is not welcome in christian churches but is often embraced by pagans.

    But maybe this dirty heretic can help you a bit with your garden. 🙂 My first note is that those browning spots look like blight. Blight is almost always a fungus.

    Remove the leaves with a pair of garden shears. Bring a quart size container with water (4 parts) and bleach (1 part) out with you and give the shears a good SWISH between cuts. Trim away as much of the effected material as you can without killing the plant. Burn the leaves if you can. if you have a very hot compost pile, composting is OK, but if it’s small or doesn’t steam don’t add them.
    Also trim the plants to improve airflow. Make sure they’re getting lots of sun and fresh air all around. They need leaves, but too many is bad. Leaves that are too crowded or in the shade are bad. Especially on tomatoes, make sure you’re pinching suckers regularly and leaving only healthy, strong, tight branches that can support themselves.
    Then spray them down with a mix of baking soda, water, soap and oil. Get that baking soda all over the plants.
    Two weeks later, trim again and spray the tomatoes down with an aspirin mixture. Your blight should be gone and the plants should bounce back in a hurry.

    For the grasshoppers, you can order praying mantises online to hatch into your garden, but it might be easier to just crush some garlic with some tea tree oil, mix with water and spray it on. It will help repel the grasshoppers (but might make greens taste garlicky, so maybe not a solution for those?). Also reduce any tall grass/weeds around the immediate garden area, and let a patch of grass grow tall somewhere away from your garden. You can also grow marigolds. 🙂

    On the zucchini, it sounds like your garden is severely lacking in minerals or it could have wilt. But I would expect the wilt to effect other plants so *shrug?*. Try planting the zucchinis in a totally different spot next year (or RIGHT NOW for a small, late, crop). Add a dozen crushed/blended/powdered eggshells under the plant when you plant it. You need to increase the iron, sulfur and manganese. A few matches (sticks and all thrown into the hole can really help with that as a low-tech solution. Some blood meal would go a long way to growing healthy zucchinis for you (as an organic option, especially if you raise any livestock) and it contains lots of nitrogen as well which is great for leaf growth. Too much or too littler water will also result in wilting yellow zucchinis so make sure you mulch and don’t over-water. Mulches can also help keep fungus off of your plants. Spray them down with the baking soda spray too to help prevent fungus infections. (Wilt is a fungus infection in tomatoes and zucchini.)

    I really hope this helps you have a brighter garden. I know that a successful garden always helps me to have a more positive outlook on life. Good luck!


    1. Hey, I just realized I never took the time to reply to this.

      First of all, thank you *so much* not only for reading, but for taking the time to type out such a long and helpful reply.

      Ugh, we have blight. We’re spending all day Tuesday in the yard and are going try and see what we can salvage from the tomatoes, and just do our best to prepare ahead of time next year.

      The Zucchini are above ground (everything is above ground, our soil is half sand, half fire ants, wheee) and I think we just might have no friggin clue what we’re doing with the soil, or how to prevent those damn bugs that bore INTO the stalks. I’m debating if I want to attempt fall Zucchini, or focus my efforts elsewhere and attempt again in spring with renewed vigor for..zucchini. lol.

      ALSO, praying mantises, no idea how I didn’t think of them, but gee golly I want some now. It might be too late for this year, but ABSOLUTELY getting some next year. I’m excited already! Thank you thank you!

      I think that one of the biggest problems with Christian churches is loving people. I say this as someone who doesn’t, in general, like many people very much at all. It’s a fine weird line to walk, between having/holding to a religion that has high personal standards (ugh, even that sounds condescending, but I don’t mean it so!) but loving those who don’t hold to them as if they don’t really matter. Jesus hung out with whores and government officials, so why are those who supposedly follow Christ 2,000 years later such a bag of dicks? This makes no sense to me, and I don’t think it’s okay, or what Christ wanted. I do, still, believe in Christ, but I don’t believe in the American Church. I believe Jesus is facepalming so hard right now.

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      1. Aww! No, it was my pleasure! 🙂 I’m happy to be able to help. Don’t worry, blight is NOT hard to control and even if your plants get it there’s a real chance they will survive and bounce back if you treat them. Lots of cheap, organic ways to treat them too.

        That is about how I feel about Christianity as well. It does’t take long in american churches for rational people to realize how baloney it all seems. Years of baloney later and I just couldn’t do it anymore. And I couldn’t accept the whole ‘no true scottsman’ thing of “they’re not all bad eggs”. I don’t think Christianity is inherently bad at all, it’s got a lot of good stuff in it… But the way it’s practices in the US sure is bad!


      2. Okay, so, update – pruned the hell outta them ‘maters, because we’d just let them go like crazy. Did the bleach swish between cuts. Treated them with some bacto fungicide safe for organics thing husband found, and got some liquid fish fertilizer which we gave them the next day. FINGERS CROSSED.

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      3. Even if your plants still have blight, you can probably expect tomatoes out of them. They will be more prone to blossom end rot, but they’ll exist. I can practically guarantee you’ll get at least SOME tomatoes. If not, send me your address and I’ll send you some of my tomato seeds. They just kept chugging though the blight last year…. And then the seeds sprouted as weeds across my whole garden (about 100 of them) this year. 😛


      4. They were given to me for free by a nice lady who liked saving seeds. I’d just be passing it on. 🙂 They’re heirlooms so you get to save seeds every year. An envelope and stamp are like, what, $0.50? No skin off my back at all.


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