I’m a wife, a mom, a writer and a coffee drinker.
I love each of those jobs, and have wanted them since I can remember.

Raised in church and a believer in Christ, my relationship with His followers is complicated, at best.
I’m trying to reconcile that.
I’m trying to find grace – for myself and others.

I’m an exFundy, or ex “Independent Fundamental Baptist”. I firmly believe the “Old Paths” theology that many of these churches hold to is a harmful cult of legalism that looks nothing like what Christ called His followers to. 

I don’t believe in sugar coating things, but  in being painfully honest with where we are. Ugly truth is preferable to a pretty lie.
Lying to God is pointless, lying to others is insulting, and lying to ourselves is dangerous, so let’s all deal with the messy reality instead.

I love Jesus and I cuss a little. This may change. It may not.
I drink too much coffee.
I like to grow things & sing too loudly.

I live with my awesome husband, our toddling girl, and our two cats, attempting to order the chaos and get dinner on the table around 6:30.